What is a SCOBY and why should you care?

Yo quiero un Scoby!


My education on kombucha began three weeks ago at Harvest Handouts when I asked Micah how the recent workshop went.  She proceeded to tell me how simple fermenting tea was and that if I needed a SCOBY to get started, she could give me one of hers.

Instantly, I realized how little I knew.

Aside from the occasional weekly e-mail reminding F.H. Kingers of the then upcoming Kombucha workshop, I had never heard of the stuff.  Living only a half mile from Willy Street Co-op, I do the majority of my shopping there, but had never paused near the eggs and butter to read what those beautiful, colorful bottles contained.

Kombucha, I learned shortly thereafter, is sweetened tea that has been fermented using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (also known as a SCOBY).  It is then separated from the SCOBY and resealed to become carbonated.  Full of good…

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Baby crochet shoes…

Paloma! Este é para a tua filhinha linda que já já estará aqui do lado de fora!

Vimos este tutorial aquí. Lo único es que tendrás que seguir por las fotos pq no hay instrucciones…. o si estan, estan en japonés…. mmm un poco difícil….

Pero bueno! Por las fotos ya se puede hacer una idea, a veces equivocada, pero seguro que saldrá algo bonito y fofo!!

baby shoes low2